How to Prepare For Pest Control Treatment For Bed Bugs 

If you have bed bugs, you will need to prepare for a pest control treatment. The first thing to do is call a pest control company and schedule an appointment. Most companies will provide a checklist that you should follow. Make sure you only move things that are on the list. You will also want to be sure to read the instructions carefully and ask any questions you may have. 

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Bed bugs can be difficult to eradicate. Getting rid of them requires the right mix of effort and time. In addition to the usual cleaning and fumigation, you will need to declutter and dispose of items you don’t need. Also, it would help if you made arrangements for pets. It’s important to have your pet in a separate room during the treatment. 

You should vacuum your home thoroughly. This will remove any debris or pests that might have found their way in. Vacuum all areas where your bed rests, including the underside. Be sure to use a crevice tool and vacuum behind the baseboards. Do not forget to pay special attention to any cloth or furniture you might have. 

Another important item you should take care of is the mattress. These insects like to hide in the cracks of mattresses. To make sure that they don’t make their way out, you can wrap the mattress in a special bag. Once the bag is filled, you can seal it with permanent tape. 

You will also want to check the kitchen area and bathroom. These areas are known to contain bedbugs. Before you begin the pre-treatment process, you should clear the area of food and other debris. Additionally, you should wash and dry your bedding. Washing the sheets and towels in hot water will kill any traces of bedbugs. 

Another thing to do is to seal the walls. A good way to do this is with caulk. While this won’t keep bed bugs from getting into the wall, it can prevent them from getting into the electrical outlets. 

If you are renting, it’s a good idea to get your landlord’s permission before sealing up the house. This will ensure that your belongings stay out of the infested areas. For additional safety, you should also seal up all the cracks and crevices in your home. 

If you have small children, be sure to move them out of the house for the duration of the treatment. Even if you think they are safe, they can still get into the infested area, and you don’t want them to have a chance to spread the infestation. 

If you have pets, it’s a good idea to give them a bath and give them a new home. Pets tend to have their own little “infested” areas, and you don’t want them to come into contact with the pests. 

After you’ve completed your preparations, you’re ready to start the actual treatment. Your local pest control professional will have a checklist you can follow. Following their suggestions is a great way to guarantee that your bed bug extermination goes off without a hitch.