How to Prepare Your House For a Pest Exterminator 

When your home becomes infested by pests, you want to get them eliminated as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you do not, you could be left with costly repairs and damage to your property. This is why it’s so important to hire a professional pest control service to handle the job for you. 

Before the exterminator arrives, you will need to prepare your home for them to be able to do their job. Getting your house ready before they arrive is not only going to help them work more effectively, but it’s also going to make sure that they do not leave any residue behind when they are finished. 

1. Vacuum Your Floors and Carpets 

A pest exterminator should have access to all areas of your home, so it’s a good idea to vacuum your floors and carpets before they arrive. This will help them see any pests that might be hiding in the rugs or under furniture. It will also make it much easier for them to target the areas that need pest treatment. 

2. Remove Garbage and Paper Products 

When you have a pest problem in your home, it’s essential to eliminate all food sources so they can’t feed on the poisons that will be sprayed. This means throwing away any trash that is on the property, especially any unused food items or cardboard boxes. It’s also a good idea to dust your house thoroughly before the pest control technicians come. They may not be able to reach the crevices where the pesticide needs to go, so this will help them to do their job more effectively. 

3. Move Furniture and Large Objects around 

Before pest control professionals can do their job, they will need to be able to get to all areas of your home. The easiest way to do this is to move all of your furniture and large items away from the walls. This will help them get into all areas of your home and ensure that they can spray in every part of the room. 

4. Put Your Personal Belongings and Toys Away 

It’s best to remove all of your personal belongings from the rooms that are being treated. This is particularly important if you have kids or pets in the home. Take all of your toothbrushes, shaving razors, makeup, and other small items out of the bathroom as well. This will also help to prevent pest control technicians from coming into contact with any personal medications or chemicals. 

5. Wash Linen and Clothes 

If you are going to be undergoing pest treatment on your linens, make sure that they are completely dry before they are put back into your closet or bedroom. It is also a good idea to put them in a sealed bag, or in your laundry basket so that the pests will not have access to these items. 

6. Keep Your Pets Safe 

A pest exterminator will be working with harsh chemicals during the process of eradicating your home of unwanted pests, so it’s a good idea not to bring your pets inside while they are in the home. This is because it can be dangerous for them to be exposed to pesticides, which can cause health and respiratory issues.