How Often Should Pest Control Be Done at Your House?

If you spot a single bug such as a fly, yellow jacket, or ant, there is usually no need for a professional pest control company to come to your home. But if you spot a termite, a bed bug, or any other insect that can cause damage to your family or your home, it is necessary to call an exterminator.

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Visitation Pattern

While some extermination tasks can be accomplished in a single visit, others necessitate a longer treatment plan to completely eradicate the pests and stop them from returning. However, the price does not always correspond to the duration of the therapy.

  • One-time visit: Even though a one-time eradication may be less expensive overall than a longer-term contract, the actual treatment element may be more expensive. This is due to the fact that a single visit involves assessing the issue, finding the nests and entry ways, administering the treatment, and determining what has to be done to prevent re-infestation. These one-time visits cost between $300 and $550. The price might be a little lower if only one pest—say, a snake that slithered inside from the garden—is eliminated during the single appointment.
  • Initial visit: The initial visit, which will cost between $150 and $300, will include the assessment, inspection, identification of entry ways and nests, creation of a treatment plan, as well as the initial treatment itself, for issues that cannot be resolved in a single visit.
  • Monthly visit: You might need to hire a monthly retreatment service if you’ve already had a significant infestation eliminated or if you live in a shared building in a multifamily home or apartment and the problem is chronic. These visits cost, on average, $40 to $70 a month.
  • Quarterly visit: If your property is particularly vulnerable to pest invasion, you may choose to have treatment four times a year for treatment of seasonal infestations or as a prophylactic step against re-infestation. These typically cost between $100 and $300 every visit, but if you contract for the entire year, you may be able to get a deal.
  • Annual visit: An annual treatment for ants or mosquitoes can accomplish two things for people who don’t have persistent or serious insect issues: The treatment will stop even minor seasonal insect infestations and give a chance to regularly check for more sneaky pests like termites or rodents. Depending on your location and the sort of inspections you want, these visits cost between $300 and $550.

When it comes to regularly scheduled pest control, we suggest having your home treated once a quarter or every two to three months.