Having pests inside your home is a problem that should not be taken lightly. These rodents do not only pose a serious risk to your property and investment but to your family’s health as well. This problem does not get better with time and getting a pest control service would be the best way to solve the problem. If it’s your first time availing of this service, then below are the inclusions as well as the things to expect.

What does pest control include?

1. Evaluation

The first task of the pest control technicians upon arriving at your home is to evaluate the degree of infestation in your property. They will identify pest species present as well as the dwellings and entry points of the rodents. Common infested areas such as garages, attics, pipes, windows, doors, and other crawl spaces will be inspected. Using a moisture meter, the technicians will look for any damp area which is a favorite dwelling place of these pests. After their assessment inside your home, the technicians will then check the exteriors of your property to search for any present or potential future infestation.

2. Report

After their evaluation, the pest control technicians will then review their findings and create a detailed report. The report typically includes the future treatment plan as well as the quotation for the service. A pest inspection report will not only tell you the pest species that dwell in your home because it also includes a thorough analysis of your home structure.

3. Discussion

Once the report is created, the pest control technicians will then talk with you in detail regarding their findings. They will explain the problem and discuss their planned course of action. Use this opportunity to ask questions, clarify details, or even make suggestions. If you’re not comfortable with a specific chemical that they will be using, you may suggest for them to use a different one. After everything is agreed upon, the pest control technician can then provide you with the quotation for the service.

4. Treatment

The plan of treatment to address your pest problem will vary depending on your specific situation as well as the company’s approach. Typically, you will be requested to leave the property during the application of the pesticide. The pest control technician should provide you a suitable time frame on when you can return to your home. If you have kids and pets, returning to your home before the pesticide dries is extremely unsafe. The pest control technicians should treat your home neatly and efficiently. They are not to remove or damage anything without your permission or consent.

5. Recommendations

The pest control service can only regulate the infestation of these harmful rodents in your home. It is not a guarantee that after the pests are removed, your property will not get infiltrated again. Expect your pest control technicians to advise you with a specific course of action that will help prevent another wave of infestation. They have inspected your property inside out and this helped them identify the areas where pests could possibly enter or dwell. Their insights and suggested preventive measures would be very important to keep your health and investment safe and secure.