The well-known Roxy Theater has been providing the Missoula Community with some cultural and cinematic experiences that are top-notch. Here you will find performances in the arts that are uncanny and exceptionally fine-tuned for your viewing pleasure. There are new events hosted each week so you can always find some refreshing entertainment to compliment your day.

The Roxy Theater features the International wildlife film festival where you can witness the beauty of various animals and develop a deeper appreciation for them. You can enjoy various film screenings here that will keep you engaged with the whole experience help you learn more about theater. This is an exceptionally lively place for the arts with vibrant new events around the corner to enjoy!

If you’re looking for high-quality entertainment then this is the spot to consider for theater needs. The Roxy Theater has aspirations to function as a theater and as a welcoming home for guests. This means that you can expect a certain level of warmth with kind and welcoming personalities to greet you as you enjoy whatever happens on stage. They seek to be a beacon of light for the creative arts as they shine across the Missoula Area. Many are talking about the upcoming shows and you can get tickets now!

This is one of the central hubs for creative expression and all ideas are encouraged. You will definitely grow in the arts here and will feel safe during the process if others have rejected you. There is no judgment here, and you will find a friendly, sophisticate, and artsy atmosphere!

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