What Can Be Done About Roaches With Pest Control? 

One of the best ways to remove Roaches from your property is by using an effective pesticide. You can buy a pesticide at most grocery stores or online. One popular choice is naled, which gets rid of Roaches quickly and without leaving any mess. Another option is a baiting method, which involves putting a small amount of food (like rice) on top of a Roach colony and then using a vacuum cleaner to suck the food into the vacuum cleaner’s tube. Finally, you can use traps for roaches, which are devices that emit an aroma that attracts Roaches to the trap.

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Borax is a natural roach killer that is widely available and easy to use. It is commonly found in household items, including laundry detergents, flame retardants, and cleaning sprays. Even young kids have probably used it to make slime. While borax is not a 100% effective roach killer, it is effective and inexpensive. 

It is also available in liquid form, which is safer for household use. However, it is not as effective as an insecticide because it loses its dehydrating properties when mixed with water. In addition, you cannot make borax into a bug spray. If you want to use borax for roaches without pest control, you need to use a combination of powdered borax and sweet bait. Then, you can apply the mixture anywhere that you have roaches. You can apply this mixture on baseboards, under cabinets, and under sinks. You can also put a little container of the substance at strategic locations around the home. 


When it comes to citrus pest control, you’ll have several options to choose from. There are some products that are eco-friendly and safe around people and pets, and others that are highly toxic to roaches and other pests. In general, the best option is to choose a non-toxic option. 

Citrus fruits contain limonene, a natural insect repellent. The peels also contain an additional pest killer called linalool. Both limonene and linalool make pests hate citrus. When a flea bites on citrus peels, limonene paralyzes it. 

Aerosol sprays 

To effectively control roaches, homeowners can use aerosol sprays. These sprays are formulated with a strong insecticide and work by forcing roaches to come into contact with the spray. However, the sprays have several drawbacks. First, they can be harmful to pets and children, and they leave residues that are difficult to clean up. Second, they can damage plants. 

Roaches are usually most prevalent in the bathroom and kitchen. However, if you notice a few roaches in unusual places, you can bet that they are trying to flee. Also, if you notice them moving slowly, this means that the pest control treatment is working. 

Boric acid 

Boric acid is a naturally occurring chemical containing boron. It’s been used for many years as an insecticide. Boric acid comes in granular and liquid forms and can be spread around a building to ward off insects. Boric acid is toxic to humans and pets, so you need to take precautions when applying it. 

Boric acid for roaches is highly effective in killing roaches, but it’s important to apply it properly or it can lose its effectiveness. Additionally, boric acid can cause quite a mess in your home, so if you’re not confident applying it, call in a professional for help.