What Chemical Do Pest Control Companies use For Mosquitoes? 

Keeping mosquitoes out of your yard is a challenge. There are many products on the market to kill mosquitoes. These include pyrethrins, synthetic pyrethroids, organophosphates, and larvicides. You should know how these insecticides are used in order to make an informed decision. 

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set standards for chemicals used in mosquito control. The EPA has found that DEET meets these standards when applied properly. It is also safe for pets and children. These products should contain at least 30% to 50% DEET. The EPA has found that methyl nonyl ketone (also known as MTK) has a low acute toxicity risk to humans, freshwater invertebrates, and fish. 

Organophosphates are chemical compounds that kill mosquitoes by blocking their nervous systems. They are often used by state and local agencies. These compounds are highly toxic to a wide range of insects. They can be found in some pest control products and are commonly used by mosquito control professionals. 

Pyrethrins are a class of insecticides that are derived from the flowers of chrysanthemums. They are toxic to a wide range of insects and are labeled by the EPA. In 2018, over 27,000 calls were made to poison control because of pyrethrins. 

Pyrethrum-based insecticides are the preferred choice of mosquito misting system companies. They are clean, have no residue, and do not stain concrete. However, these sprays must be continuously applied to be effective. They should be applied to the ground, not blown away by the wind. The best areas to apply them are around the base of trees and shrubs. 

Natural sprays and larvicides are other options. They are marketed as less harmful to beneficial insects, but they are a bit more complex to use. You should always read the label. 

Organophosphates are also used to kill adult mosquitoes. They are generally applied by truck-mounted sprayers or planes. You may also see these products applied to areas of your property by mosquito abatement districts. 

The EPA has a website that provides information on the most popular insect repellents and provides facts about the health risks associated with certain products. You can also download the Pest Smart app from the iTunes Store. It allows you to look up products, download their labels, and search pesticide data. 

There are also a number of other alternative sprays available. These include microencapsulated insecticides such as Demand CS, Suspend SC, and Onslaught. They contain a polymer layer that protects the active ingredient from weather and lawn watering. This technique also extends the insecticide’s life. These products are also less likely to contact beneficial insects. 

Other types of pesticides are used by mosquito abatement districts. These chemicals are labeled only for mosquito abatement districts and are only used by staff that has been contracted to the mosquito abatement district. 

In addition to these chemicals, there are organic alternatives. Some of these products are made from plants and herbs and are a safer choice for your family and pets. But, these pesticides must be registered by the DEC. You can check with your mosquito control company for more information on the type of pesticides they will use.