What Chemicals Does Pest Control Use?

Knowing what chemicals pest control companies use is important in crop maintenance. While pests can be annoying, some may carry diseases. You should choose the right chemicals for the job by reading the labels. Knowing what pesticides your pest control company uses is the first step to keeping your crops healthy. Here are some things you should know about pesticides:

Pyrethrin, an insecticide that belongs to the pyrethroid family, is one of the most commonly used pest control products. This substance causes paralysis in the insect before killing it. It is effective against most household insects, as well as mosquitoes. Pyrethrins are also used to kill fire ants. However, these chemicals are extremely toxic to aquatic organisms and mammals. They may cause allergic reactions in humans and their pets.

Some common pesticides are highly toxic to humans and can cause skin irritation. However, pesticides should always be handled by trained professionals because misuse could result in severe health risks. Other chemicals, like carbamates, are much less toxic and safe to use. Insecticides with carbamates should be handled with gloves and protective eyewear. If you have any questions about pesticide safety, don’t hesitate to call a pest control company.

Boric acid is another common pesticide. Boric acid is extracted from rocks or water sources and comes in both powder and liquid forms. Boric acid is a safer alternative to harmful synthetic pesticides. Boric acid is no more toxic than table salt and can kill common household insects. Boric acid is widely used by pest control companies and is also affordable and available to the general public. If you are concerned about the effects of pesticides, ask your pest control company to recommend a safe, effective alternative.

One of the most commonly used pesticides in the U.S. is hydramethylnon. This chemical works on insects by making them lethargic. When it reaches their bodies, it kills them slowly and is safe for humans. Hydramethylnon is also a common chemical used to kill cockroaches and other insects. It is highly toxic to insects but is deemed low-risk for humans. It can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract.

Pyrethrin is another widely used chemical. It is a potent insecticide and can be harmful to fish. Fortunately, Triad exterminators use safe pesticide sprays for your home. They know the chemicals they use to make your home pest-free and protect your family. It doesn’t hurt to educate yourself before hiring an exterminator, but don’t underestimate the importance of pesticide knowledge.

While pesticides don’t pose any immediate health risks, long-term exposure to certain chemical compounds can cause brain damage and developmental issues. Many pesticides can also affect the fertility of humans and are highly dangerous to sperm. Research has also linked pesticides to a low sperm count. Consuming foods that contain pesticide residue has also been linked to the development of bladder cancer. For these reasons, pesticides are used in agricultural settings.

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