What Does Pest Control Use For Cockroaches? 

There are a few types of insecticides used for cockroach control, but it is important to know the product’s instructions before you start using it. If you have questions, it is best to call your local cooperative extension service or a pest control company to help you. Taking the time to do your research will allow you to get the most out of your treatment.

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The most common pesticides for cockroach control are aerosol sprays, liquid sprays, and specks of dust. Each of these insecticides has its own characteristics, so it is important to follow the label directions. If you live in an area that is not legal to use a certain type of insecticide, talk to your local cooperative extension service or pest control technician. Some pesticides are not appropriate for use in certain areas, such as food handling areas or if your home is in a flood plain. 

Boric acid is another effective insecticide for cockroach control. It is a powdery white substance that can be applied to a surface by a pest control professional. The powder will disperse into cracks and crevices where cockroaches hide. As cockroaches crawl through the powder, they lick off the boric acid and become poisoned. It remains effective when the surface is dry, but it is not recommended to apply it to areas that have moisture, like kitchen countertops or bathrooms. 

Insecticidal baits are also used for cockroach control. These are typically placed near foraging areas. Insecticidal baits are slow acting, so they do not attract cockroaches from far away. Some baits are packaged as granules, so they can be used with a bait gun or syringe. 

Some insecticides are also formulated as edible dust. It is not safe to feed pets or children with these products, though. They can be effective, especially for roach control, as long as you follow the instructions. 

The most effective method for the roach control is to make sure that your home is as clean as possible. It is especially important to remove all spills, unwashed dishes, and piles of paper products. Cleaning your floors with detergent can also help prevent a roach infestation. It is important to seal any openings that roaches might be using as entry points, such as utility closets or plumbing. 

To keep cockroaches from hiding in cracks, use caulking to seal them. If you have a utility closet, it is a good idea to use a flashlight to inspect the cracks. A small mirror can also be handy, as you can use it to inspect areas that you can’t see with the flashlight. Then, seal the openings with caulk or mesh. 

Some cockroaches are resistant to many of the pesticides used for cockroach control. However, hydramethylnon is a chemical that can be effective, as long as you apply it properly. This chemical is highly toxic to pets, so you should be very careful when applying it. 

It is also important to store food in insect-proof containers. If you do not have an insect-proof container, you should store it in a sealed plastic bag. Insecticides should not be applied to baseboards, because the droplets remain suspended in the air.