What Do Professional Pest Control Services Use For Ants? 

There are several different ways that professional pest control services can help you fight an ant infestation. They can use a variety of tools, such as insecticides, sprays, and baits, to keep your home free from ants. Choosing a professional to take care of your ant problem is a good idea because they have experience with household pests and can determine the best approach for your specific situation. 

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Some professional ant exterminators will set up bait stations in strategic locations around your home. These stations are filled with a poisonous formula that slowly kills ants. You will need to place these near entry points and other areas where ants may gather. The more baits that you have in these areas, the more effective your ant removal efforts will be. 

Another method used by a professional pest control company is to use a combination of insecticide and edible bait. While this technique can be effective, it isn’t a permanent solution. It’s important to remember that certain ant species are immune to certain chemicals. If you are concerned about the effects of chemicals on your family or pets, make sure you ask your professional before you choose a treatment. 

Ants can be hard to keep out of your kitchen. They are often drawn to your home because of the food you leave out. To keep your kitchen ant-free, you should clean your kitchen on a regular basis and store all of your food in airtight containers. Also, remove plants that produce honeydew and aphids. Make sure your kitchen doesn’t have any standing water. 

Ants are attracted to sugar and moisture, and they can also enter your home through wood or firewood. To keep your kitchen ant-free, keep your countertops and cupboards clean and free of any food or grease. Ants may also like to hide in leaking plumbing and other hard-to-clean areas. 

For bigger infestations, you can try using an ant killer. These are odorless, so they are easy to apply. You can also spray them on ornamentals or grass to deter ants. Be sure to use them frequently, though. 

If you want to tackle an ant infestation yourself, there are many homemade options available. Mixing Borax and powdered sugar is a common method of making an ant bait. Place the mixture in small dishes throughout your home. When ants smell the combination, they will be attracted to the bait and will eventually die. However, you should be careful when using this method, because ants can carry the mixture to their nests, where they can spread the poison. 

A chemical spray is a popular method of eradicating ants. Many companies add piperonyl butoxide to their sprays, which inhibits ant’s metabolism and causes them to die faster. This chemical is not actually poison, but it is widely recognized for its ability to obstruct the ant’s sense of smell. 

Other types of pest control products include ant foggers and gel baits. Foggers work well for ants hiding underneath floorboards and in between walls. Gel baits are excellent for anthills at the surface.