What Does Pest Control Do For Bed Bugs? 

Pest control is vital when it comes to removing bed bugs. A bed bug infestation can be a serious problem, especially if you live in an apartment. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them yourself. However, keep in mind that DIY methods are rarely as effective as professional pest control. 

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If you do decide to do it yourself, you will have to be careful to apply pesticides safely. You will also need to read the labels on the products you choose, as some are more dangerous than others. Remember, not all insecticides are safe to use indoors, even if they are labeled for household use. 

The most effective method for killing bedbugs is to wash them in hot water. This will kill bedbugs’ eggs and their adults. When you are done, the bags should be disposed of outside. In addition, be sure to thoroughly vacuum the room, as these insects can hide in places where you won’t be able to reach them. 

For a more thorough approach, consider using a heat chamber. These are designed to be used by professionals to prevent and control bed bug infestations. They are available to rent. 

Another type of pest control method is to use sticky tape. This is a great way to remove bedbugs from walls. Be careful not to use too much as this may leave behind residues that will attract more bedbugs. Alternatively, you can apply a solution of isopropyl alcohol at a concentration of 80%. 

Another way to help get rid of bed bugs is to vacuum. Using a vacuum cleaner can be a good first step, but you will have to clean up after you’re done. Keep in mind that it will not be able to get into the deep crevices of your mattress or box spring. 

Alternatively, you can apply dust to areas where bed bugs tend to hide. This includes under baseboards, around bed frames, and behind headboards. It can also be used in empty spaces behind the wall. 

Lastly, you can try applying a dry paintbrush over an area where you’ve detected bed bugs. This will create a thin layer of dust that will repel bed bugs. Applying this technique in conjunction with a pesticide spray will help you get the job done. 

If you don’t have the time to deal with bed bugs yourself, you should definitely seek the services of a professional. Pest control companies have the equipment and the training to effectively do the job. Depending on the severity of the infestation, you might have to make several visits. 

Although a pest control company might use a variety of chemicals, it’s always best to rely on the least toxic option. There are some very effective natural options, such as cold-pressed neem oil. Cold-pressed neem oil is a plant-based insecticide that contains compounds with insecticidal and medicinal properties. 

Bedbugs can be a real nuisance, but they aren’t nearly as difficult to remove as you might think. Just be sure to read the directions for the pesticide you’re planning to use, and you’ll be on your way to a bedbug-free home.