What Does Pest Control Use For Fleas? 

One of the most frustrating insects to deal with is fleas. They bite, irritate, and can even cause skin problems and blood infections. The good news is that they can be effectively treated by a pest control professional who understands how to get rid of fleas in your home and yard.

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What Does Pest Control Use For Fleas 

A pest control specialist will be able to determine which products are most effective in getting rid of fleas. The most common chemicals are insecticides and growth regulators, but there are also some natural options that may help with this problem as well. 

What Does Pest Control Use For Outdoor and Indoor Fleas 

The first step to getting rid of fleas outdoors is to spray all lawn areas, underneath shrubs and trees as well as any dog houses or pet resting areas. This can be done with a hand pump sprayer or a tank sprayer. Be sure to follow the label directions for these types of pesticides. 

What Does Pest Control Use For Indoors and Under Furniture 

It is best to vacuum your house on a regular basis (not sweeping) in order to pick up adult fleas and eggs. This is especially important to do in areas where pets sleep, like under carpet or furniture. Vacuuming also will help eliminate flea fecal pellets and the immature flea larva. The vibration of the vacuum cleaner will also help to remove fleas that are living in carpets. 

What Does Pest Control Use for Outdoor and Under Furniture 

A spray applied to your floors will kill both adult and immature fleas, as well as fecal pellets. This treatment is very effective, and it’s important to remember not to vacuum or sweep your floors for two weeks after the treatment is complete. 

What Does Pest Control Use For Other Insects 

When you’re dealing with a pest control specialist, they will likely be able to recommend other treatments that might be beneficial for your particular situation. Some of these include sprinkling diatomaceous earth, borax powder or baking soda to discourage ticks and other bugs from inhabiting your property. Some of these products have essential oils in them, such as peppermint and clove, that can drive away bugs. 

What Does Pest Control Use For Organic Tick Repellents 

When it comes to treating tick infestations, some pest control professionals have a preference for organic solutions that utilize fungi such as Metarhizium brunneum or Metarhizium anisopliae. These fungi already exist in the soil and have been shown to be an effective solution for controlling tick populations without harming other insects or wildlife. 

What Does Pest Control Use For Pets 

In addition to preventing fleas from infesting your home, pest control professionals will be able to recommend a specific chemical to be used on your pet. These chemicals will not only prevent fleas from infesting your pet, but they will help keep them healthy as well.