What Happens to Dead Termites From Termite Treatment? 

Termites are some of the toughest pests to eliminate from a home. Once they are eliminated, the only way to keep them from coming back is to make sure you take the necessary steps to prevent re-infestation. 

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The first step in keeping termites from coming back is to make sure you are not allowing them to come into your home and start eating the wood again. You can do this by removing cellulose materials that are around your home such as mulch, wood scraps, and stumps from within 25 feet of your home and by ensuring there is adequate drainage surrounding the foundation. 

If you are still seeing termites around your house, it is time to call a licensed pest control professional for an inspection. These professionals will be able to identify the type of termites you have and give you some tips on how to keep them from coming back. 

They can also give you advice on how to treat the termites that have already been discovered in your home. Using a termite treatment plan is an effective way to get rid of the termites you currently have in your home and prevent them from returning. 

Depending on the size and severity of the infestation, it can take up to a week for the termites to die once they have been treated. It is best to let your exterminator know the number of termites you have so that they can ensure that the right amount of product has been used to kill them. 

Another great option is to get a heat treatment. This works well for subterranean termites and dry wood termites. 

These treatments use a chemical that is heated to the point where it is hard for the termites to escape. The heat also decreases the moisture levels in the wood, which makes it harder for the termites to survive and eat again. 

The chemicals used in these treatments are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and they undergo more than 100 tests to be sure they are safe for humans and pets. 

While the EPA regulates these products, they can still be dangerous for you to handle. The EPA advises you to read the label carefully and follow its directions for use to minimize risks. 

If you have already seen termites in your home, they are likely to swarm again once the weather warms and there is more moisture in the air. The swarmers are looking for a mate and a new colony. They are attracted to light and will often be found on window sills and other open areas inside your home. 

Termite swarmers are soft-bodied, whitish insects that are about 1/4 inch long and have no wings or eyes. They are usually seen in the spring when the weather warms up and there is more rain. 

Termites are a hidden threat that can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home without you even knowing it. They are a common and widespread problem that requires a skilled professional to remove them.