What Is The Average Cost Of Termite Treatment For A Home? 

A termite infestation can be a very costly problem. Depending on the type of infestation and your area, the cost of treating your home can be anywhere from $250 to $500. You should also consider the age of your home. Some types of termites can be treated quickly, while others may take a longer time to eliminate. In some cases, a termite infestation can affect both your home and your pets. If you live in a single-family residence, the costs will be much lower than if you live in an apartment or commercial building. However, if you have a large colony, the cost of treatment can be higher. 

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The most common type of treatment is perimeter application. This means that the termiticide is sprayed on the foundation of your home and on the surrounding perimeter. It is also possible to use liquid treatments that repel termites. These methods are more effective, but they can be expensive. For example, a liquid treatment that kills all of the colony can cost up to $4,000, while a barrier treatment can cost up to $550. 

Another option is baiting. In this case, an exterminator places a food source, like cellulose laced with poison, underground. Once termites find it, they will bring it back to the colony. While baiting is not as effective as chemical treatments, it is more affordable. The initial cost of a bait system is $8 to $12 per linear foot. After that, you will need to monitor the system on a monthly basis. 

Termite fumigation is also an option, but it is more expensive. It takes up to four days to set up a tent. A team of professionals will then apply a toxic gas that will kill the colony. This method is only recommended for very serious infestations. 

To avoid having to pay for an expensive treatment, you can invest in a yearly protection plan. Most companies offer annual plans that will include both a monthly inspection and spot treatments. Besides saving you money, a yearly plan provides peace of mind. 

Termite protection plans generally include a yearly inspection, a guarantee, and a termite warranty. They are similar to an insurance policy. Usually, they cost $400 to $1,000 a year. 

Having a yearly plan can be especially beneficial if you have significant issues. Some companies offer a one-time fee for a termite inspection and termite treatment, followed by a discounted rate for subsequent treatments. Others have annual renewal fees that will range from $100 to $125. 

For more advanced infestations, you might need to go the whole hog and have a tenting team come out and treat your home. Tenting requires more investment, but it will help to eradicate termites faster. 

There are other methods, though, such as heat treatment. Heat treatment is less harmful to the environment and does not involve chemicals. During the process, wood products are heated to 120 degrees and stay there for 33 minutes. Although this can damage items that are sensitive to heat, it is still a great option for large colonies.