What is the Best Termite Treatment Chemical? 

If you’re looking for a termite treatment chemical to use on your home, there are several options available. The type you choose will depend on the extent of the infestation, your budget, and how long you want to keep the termites out. 

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Liquid Barriers 

During a professional treatment, your pest control company will dig a trench around your home’s perimeter and then apply a liquid termiticide to it. This is called a “liquid barrier” and is non-repellent, so termites won’t notice it and carry the poison back to the colony. This is usually the most effective way to treat a termite problem. 


Termite baits are also a popular termite treatment option. These baits are laced with poison and placed strategically around your home’s perimeter. Worker termites searching for food find the baits and eat them, then carry the poison back to the colony. They then spread it to other termites, killing them. 


If you have a severe termite infestation and need to get rid of them quickly, fipronil is the way to go. This pesticide will kill all termites it contacts, even if they come into contact with water or sunlight. 

It can also be used on wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants. While it’s not as effective as other pesticides, it is a safe and easy way to get rid of termites. 

Terro Spray 

Besides a variety of other benefits, the Terro termite spray is also easy to use and requires no dilution. This makes it a great option for the DIYer who isn’t quite sure how to get the job done. 

This spray can be applied with a simple, handheld nozzle to areas affected by termites. It’s also low-odor, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors hanging around. 

The best part about this spray is that it won’t damage your furniture or carpets, and it’s a safe, non-toxic alternative to more toxic treatments. It’s also an excellent termite prevention product, causing termites to stay away from your property. 

Altriset – Chlorantraniliprole 

This is another non-repellent, low-toxicity pesticide that is becoming more and more popular. It works by causing muscle paralysis in termites, which causes them to stop feeding on the wood in your home and prevents further colony growth. 

You should consider this pesticide if you are dealing with a termite infestation in a home that is very sensitive to chemicals or if you need a green, non-toxic termite spray. 

Bayer Premise SC 

This termite chemical is known for being one of the best for eradicating termites completely. It can also be used to protect your property from future termite attacks by creating a barrier around the house that prevents them from entering. 

It’s also an excellent option for eliminating termites in homes that are prone to moisture damage. It helps keep termites from re-infesting your home and allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home without worry. 

You should always check with your local pest control company before making any decisions about your pest control needs so that you can find the best termite treatment for your specific situation. Most termite companies take a holistic approach to their services, so they’ll inspect your property for any areas of concern and offer a comprehensive termite prevention plan.