During the sweltering summer season, you’ll find more annoying pests. Unfortunately, many people tend to wait until there’s an abundance of spiders and ants at home. This brings us to the question, what is the best time to do pest control?

The ideal season to control pests is during the winter or spring season. You can easily destroy the pest colonies since the numbers are low. Generally, one treatment is enough, but at times you may need more work to control the infections. If you have to go beyond the spring season, a pest control company will help you manage the stubborn pest. As a homeowner, you ought to call a pest company to deal with the pest problem.

But again, pests can invade your home at any time, and you must ensure it’s protected at all times. How often you need to contact a pest control company will depend on the type of pest and location.

Is there the best time of the year to do pest control?

You should control pests during the winter months as they lay dormant. This is because a rise in temperatures makes the pests active. When it comes to controlling termites, timing is everything. They tend to be destructive within a very short period. In spring, the pests are the most active, but you need to be on the guard as well.

Each pest infestation is different, so you need to work with professionals with adequate knowledge.

How often should you spray the house for pests?

While the preventive spray method is a smart strategy to keep the numbers down, you only need to treat your home once a year. If you notice any problems, you can call a pest infestation company to protect you against future infestations.

If you wait until summer, you should call an exterminator to deal with the problem quickly. Unlike DIY methods, pest Control Company uses the right tools and equipment to do the job.

Treatment methods

Pest treatment works in three stages, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Internal perimeter spray treatment

It’s done during a pest control service and works on all areas of the house including the bathrooms, kitchen, and skirting boards. The spray treatment contains an active ingredient and offers a long-lasting residual for 3-5 months. That being said, you may need several products to keep the pest away all year round.

Stage one is the most important since it allows you to control pests at the right time of the year. It works well in the warmest months and throughout the year.

Roof and cavity dusting treatment

It involves the use of a dusting machine to blow dust through the roof void. This is what you need to treat the weep holes and walls cavity

Bait application

This technique works well in cracks and cupboards. For best results, the bait is applied on cupboards and door hinges before the numbers grow.

Stage two and three works best when you want to stop new pests from entering your home.

Every time you want to get rid of these stubborn pests, you should work with a qualified team of inspectors. And make sure they have vast experience working on a wide range of properties.

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