Costs of Service

What is the Price of a Termite Inspection and Fumigation?

How much does a termite inspection and fumigation cost? Termite control prices vary greatly. You should factor in these costs as well as the cost of clean-up. Labor costs also need to be taken into account. Since more labor is required for each visit, the price should be based on that. Whether you plan to hire several people or to do a single job, you need to know what to expect before you agree to a price.

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Cost of a full-house fumigation

The cost of fumigating a house is approximately $2,000 to 8,000 for a 1,500-square-foot home. However, fumigation is worth the cost, because it can prevent larger expenses down the road and keep your home from being condemned. Listed below are some things to keep in mind when determining the price of fumigation for your home. These costs are not necessarily the same for every pest problem.

Cost of dead animal removal

Dead animals are a problem that can create health risks to humans and pets. Even if the animals aren’t in your home, dead animal remains can contain parasites and diseases. To avoid this problem, make sure your home isn’t attractive to wildlife. Wildlife usually enter your home through an open doorway, unsecured window, vent, or chimney. You can prevent the entry of these animals by sealing or caulking these areas. If there is no visible entrance, you may have to call a pest control service.

Cost of termite treatment

Termite treatment can cost anywhere from three hundred dollars for a small infestation to several thousand dollars for a large infestation. For a small infestation, chemical treatments or bait systems may be enough to get rid of the problem. More aggressive methods like fumigation and heat treatment can cost anywhere from $2,500 to ten thousand dollars. Fortunately, most of these treatments are effective against smaller colonies of termites. Listed below are a few options to consider.

Cost of a one-time visit

How much does a one-time pest control visit cost? Generally, this depends on the type of pest you’re dealing with. Fire ants have different needs than carpenter ants, so the cost of the treatment will vary accordingly. Also, some treatments require an extensive assessment of your area, so the cost of a one-time visit may be higher than it would be for repeat visits. You can negotiate a discount with the pest control company by asking if they will treat your property twice a year or offer a one-time discount on the treatment if you agree to a quarterly agreement.

Cost of a recurring contract

A recurring pest control contract is beneficial for several reasons. The cost is generally lower, but the service may be more extensive based on the type of pest and the damage caused to the property. Additionally, a recurring pest control contract guarantees that your service will be available in the future despite the occurrence of a new infestation. One of the best reasons for establishing a recurring pest control contract is to ensure consistent service and lower prices for future treatments.