What is the process for scheduling a pest control appointment?

How to Schedule a Pest Control Appointment? 

When a pest problem occurs, it is usually time to call in a pest control specialist. These specialists will typically begin by examining the exterior of the home or business, looking for a wide range of potential causes of the pest infestation. These can include conditions like leaks, cracks in the foundation or walls and areas where wood, trash and other objects touch the house (termites, for example, love to breed around firewood). 

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A good pest control company will also look at possible sources of food and water for the pests. These can include items that are sitting out on kitchen counters, dining tables or shelves, as well as the areas where food is stored. 

Once a thorough inspection of the area has been completed, the pest control specialist will then move into the interior of the home or business. This may involve examining the attic or crawl space, and the basement or kitchen. It is often necessary to get into tight spaces, in order to access places where pests live. 

While a pest control specialist is working in your home, it would be best to secure pets, and to clean up any food items that may be lying out. It is also a good idea to remove anything that might block the technician’s view, as they will be looking for any signs of pest activity. For this reason, it is a good idea to take down curtains or blinds and pull out any furniture items that are flush with the wall surfaces, especially in kitchens, as these can hide pest activity from view. 

It is a good idea to keep kids and other members of the household from entering the work areas, as this will prevent them from being exposed to any pesticides that might be used during the treatment process. It is important to remember that a treatment can sometimes take several weeks, and that results are not always immediately visible. 

When a pest control appointment is scheduled, it is a good idea to make note of the date and time on a calendar. This will help to avoid any potential scheduling issues. In addition, it is often a good idea to write down any questions or concerns that you might have regarding the treatment process. This way, you will not forget to ask your pest control professional during the appointment. 

Once the appointment is complete, it is a good idea to follow any instructions that the technician might provide you with. This might include sealing areas where pests might enter, or it might be a recommendation to clean up any areas that have been treated. In some cases, this might involve putting up barriers to keep pests out of certain parts of the house. 

Pest control businesses can save a great deal of time by using software for routing and scheduling appointments. Briostack’s pest control scheduling system allows for quick and easy scheduling of recurring services, as well as one-time appointments. The software is completely web based and accessible, making it easy for technicians to track their schedules, stay on task and communicate with customers through the same platform. The average company that uses this software saves 9 hours a week on the dispatching and routing processes alone.