Can I treat my home for termites myself? Termites are known to cause a large amount of damage in your home and hence it is important that you take action immediately as soon as you find termite infestation in your property. The first few signs that you will notice due to the presence of termites are the mud tubes and hollow-sounding wood that you will find due to termites. If you don’t control this pest, it will cause even more damages to your home and valuable belongings and hence you will need to find out what kills termites naturally. There are some effective natural remedies that help you get rid of these pests without the need of hiring a pest control company. Moreover, you should never leave this problem unchecked because it will cause extensive damage to the wooden cabinets, wardrobes, and structural beams. The presence of termites can also be done by conducting termite inspection as it will help you know the extent of infestation in your property. Ignoring this problem will mean that you will have to spend a lot of money on termite pest control and hence you will need to look for all-natural methods that help you to get rid of termites easily and effectively.

Ways to kill termites naturally

Eliminating moisture

The most common cause of termite infestation is due to moisture problems in your property and when you find the presence of termites, you should eliminate moisture from all areas of your home. This will eventually help you to get rid of termites because these pests are known to survive in damp and moist areas of your home.

Boric acid

This is a very effective natural method that kills termites naturally as it is a poison that kills termites when they consume it so that you can get rid of these pests. For this, you will need to dust the wall voids, cracks, and crevices with the boric acid so that you can reach the hiding places of termites for killing it instantly.

Orange guard

The places where you find the presence of termites should be sprayed with orange peel extract as it is known to kill the termites easily. You can use this spray for indoors as well as outdoor use so that you can benefit from its use for getting rid of termites naturally.

Essential oils

There are many essential oils that are proven to be very effective in eliminating termites from the property including garlic oils, clove oils, neem oil, and orange oil. Hence, you should make use of these oils for killing termites so that you will no longer have to face termite problems and for this, you will need to spray the oil in termite-infested areas.


When you find any piece of wooden furniture being infested due to termites, you can always use sunlight for getting rid of these pests. For this, you will need to place the furniture in the sunlight so that it will gradually make the termites leave the place due to the heat or they will eventually get killed due to sun rays.