What Pests Can a Pest Control Company Help Me With?

If pests are a problem in your home, hiring a pest control company can be the best way to get rid of them. These companies use commercial-grade chemicals and techniques that you won’t find in hardware stores, along with trained technicians to help you eliminate the pests. They can also inspect your property to determine what type of pests are living in your house and create a plan to exterminate them. 

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Whether you need to control common household pests like cockroaches or rodents such as mice and rats, these companies will get rid of them and keep them from returning. They may even be able to prevent these pests from making their way into your house in the first place by offering preventive services such as lawn care, tree trimming and gutter cleaning. 

Before you hire a pest control company, check their credentials. Ask for proof of their license and request copies of the labels for any pesticides they will use, as well as the rates at which they will apply them. You can also contact your State Department of Agriculture or the EPA to see if any complaints have been filed against them. 

Sanitation is one of the best ways to prevent pests from invading your home, so be sure to clear away any food spills and crumbs promptly. It’s also a good idea to clean up clutter, especially items that pests can hide under or behind. These include piles of leaves or debris in your yard, stacks of cardboard boxes and newspapers in your basement or attic, and any other hiding spots where pests can take shelter. 

When selecting a pest control company, look for one that offers annual plans with quarterly or bi-monthly inspections. This is the best way to avoid major pest infestations and reduce the likelihood that they will return. These plans typically include a money-back guarantee, and some companies also offer free re-treatments if pests reappear between scheduled appointments. 

While pest control companies have the skills and equipment to remove most types of pests, they are not miracle workers. In addition to sanitization and preventive services, they can also recommend other treatments such as earthworms, bats or birds that will naturally control pest populations. In the event that these are not effective, they can recommend chemical treatments such as traps or sprays. 

Landlords should address pest infestations as soon as they are identified in order to protect their tenants’ health and safety. They should also be prepared to cover the cost of pest removal, regardless of who is responsible for the infestation. Landlords who discover that a tenant is contributing to the problem by failing to keep the property in good condition should consider putting the tenant on a comply or quit notice until the situation is resolved.