What Termite Treatment is the Safest? 

Termites can be a serious problem for buildings. It’s important to treat these pests when they first appear. Unfortunately, termite infestations are often undetected until damage is done. The best way to determine whether or not you have an infestation is to get an inspection from a professional. You can also find termite treatment options from a company that offers pest control services. These companies can offer solutions that are safe for your home and family. Termite treatment options include fumigation, baiting, and liquid applications. 

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Image of Termites

Fumigation is an effective method for eliminating termites. In fact, it’s the preferred method for dry wood termites. During this process, your home is evacuated and treatment is applied to all areas of the home. This type of treatment is recommended for homeowners who have a serious infestation. However, fumigation is also used as a last resort. Full home fumigation requires the removal of food and water sources from the home. In addition, the home should be air conditioned for a couple of hours after the treatment. 

Termite baits are also effective in eliminating termites. These baits contain a slow-acting substance that is lethal to termites. These baits are usually installed below the ground in cylindrical plastic stations. When termites ingest the bait, they will carry it back to the colony. This process is called the “transfer effect.” 

Using liquid termiticides, a product is sprayed on the affected area. These are a safe form of treatment, but they can be dangerous when used close to water sources. You must be careful to keep children and pets away from the area while you are applying the treatment. Also, pregnant women should not be present during the application process. If you choose to use a liquid termiticide, you should make sure to leave the home for at least an hour after the treatment. 

Another effective form of termite treatment is borax powder. This is a type of sodium borate and it is used to kill termites naturally. The borax powder can be mixed with water to apply to the affected area. The treatment needs to be applied several times to kill all termites. This treatment is also recommended for outdoor use. 

Nematodes are worms that feed on termites. These worms can be purchased from local pet stores or chemical supply stores. Nematodes can help control and eliminate termites. However, there is no evidence to suggest that these worms are effective against termites in actual structures. 

A third option for treating termites is to apply repellent building materials. Termite-repellant solutions can be applied to new construction and to DIY projects. This is a safe and effective option that provides a good base of protection. It’s especially effective for new construction. 

It is also possible to eliminate a termite infestation by making your home unattractive. Termites need moisture and warmth to survive. Termites are attracted to structures that are attractive to them, such as wood-covered porches or attractive outdoor decks. You can help reduce the appeal of your home to termites by keeping your yard clean and ensuring that the surrounding soil is free of debris. Also, keep wood entryways away from your home. These entryways include decks, planter boxes, firewood stacked against the house, and trellises.