How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs After Pest Control Has Ended 

Getting rid of bed bugs requires a thorough approach that includes vacuuming, treating, and monitoring. You may need to repeat treatments or visit the same room more than once. The best solution is to contact a pest control company that can coordinate your efforts. They may also be able to offer freezing-infested items and optional controls. 

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When cleaning, make sure you use gloves to protect yourself. Also, read the label directions for any pesticide you use. Using the wrong pesticide can make the situation worse. Most insecticides contain pyrethroids, a botanical insecticide that kills bed bugs. However, some bed bug populations have developed resistance to pyrethroids. It is important to use pyrethroids as instructed on the label. 

During the inspection process, you should check for cracks and crevices where bed bugs can hide. For example, inspect the top of the bed’s mattress, as well as the lower piping. If you find a crack or crevice where bed bugs are living, seal it. You should also inspect your walls. The edges of the wallpaper may be a bed bug hiding place. 

You can also use a steamer to kill bed bugs. Steamers are a great way to clean tiles and other surfaces. They can also be used to treat areas that have been treated with contact killers. You can also use one to remove labels or wrinkles. If you’re using one to kill bed bugs, make sure to seal the container. 

You can also use a bellow duster to spread residual insecticide powder. You can also use sticky traps to catch bed bugs. You can purchase traps at your local home improvement store. These traps can be placed under nightstands or near other areas where bed bugs might be hiding. 

Another good solution is to get a hand steamer. These cost about $150 and are a great way to kill bed bugs. You can also use a vacuum to remove bed bugs from mattresses and box springs. However, you may need to use two bags to ensure the vacuum doesn’t spread bed bugs to other areas. You can also use a dryer for 30 minutes to dry your shoes. 

Another good solution is to use a bed bug interceptor. These devices can be purchased online or you can make your own. They work by trapping the bed bugs and preventing them from getting out of the room. 

You can also use traps to kill other insects. One example is a Hot Shot trap available at The Home Depot. Other options include traps for ants and spiders. You can also use a combination of heat and insecticides to kill bed bugs. The higher the temperature, the faster they die. 

The best thing to do is to remove any bed bugs from your bed and other items in the room. You can use a vacuum to remove bed bugs from box springs, but you can’t remove them from deep cracks. You can use a steamer to kill bed bugs in places where you can’t use a vacuum.