What to Do After Pest Control Treatment 

When you have undergone pest control treatment, you will need to take steps to ensure the area remains sanitary. This involves cleaning out the trash, relocating furniture, and sweeping or vacuuming the floors. After the treatment, you should wear protective gloves, and not touch treated surfaces with your naked hand. 

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The best way to rid your home of pests is to first find out what kind of bugs are living in your house. This will help you plan a thorough attack. If you suspect you have a roach infestation, contact a professional to come out and do a service. You can also take preventative measures to keep your home pest free. 

You should use pest control treatment that is not toxic to humans. However, most treatments do not provide lasting results. Even if the technician was able to get rid of all the bugs, you may see them come back after a few weeks. To avoid this, you should follow the technician’s instructions for when and how to clean your home. 

It is common to see dead cockroaches around your home after treatment. While you should not panic, it is always a good idea to dispose of them as soon as possible. Aside from the usual garbage can, you should consider getting outside to dump them in a garbage bag. 

Pests can be easily attracted to the paper. Getting rid of old newspapers and magazines will prevent these from attracting insects. In addition, you should be mindful of your kitchen cupboards. They should be cleaned thoroughly before storing anything in them. 

Other areas to check are the drains. Some pests like roaches thrive on water. Make sure your drains are clear of debris. You can vacuum them or sweep them with a damp cloth. 

Ideally, the best way to prevent pests from re-infesting your home is to have your pipes and faucets repaired as quickly as possible. Leaky taps can be a big source of re-entry for these little critters. 

In addition, you should try to store food in sealed containers, or a refrigerator that is a good fit for your household. Leaving foods out unattended, or allowing them to sit in the sink overnight, can be a breeding ground for pests. Cleaning your garbage bins frequently is a good idea. Keeping your refrigerator door closed as much as possible will also help to eliminate potential food sources. 

One of the most important things to do after a pest control treatment is to make sure your pets are taken care of. Many pets are sensitive to the chemicals used in these types of treatments. As such, it is a good idea to drop your dog or cat off at a friend’s house. Another good tip is to make sure your pet has flea and tick treatment from the vet. 

Taking the time to clean out your home after a pest control treatment can be a bit daunting. However, following the steps listed above will help keep your home pest free.