There are no benefits to having pests in the home, especially roaches. They may be small, but they are gross and filthy. But their looks are not the only thing that makes them unpleasant.

Roaches are highly unsanitary and risky; they love staying in damp and dirty places. There is no telling how much bacteria and pathogens they carry. Now, imagine them crawling on your food and stuff, spreading germs that can make you or your family sick.

Knowing how dangerous they can be, make sure to get rid of them immediately if you detect one. You don’t want them to be a little too at home, or else it’ll be tricky and costly to get rid of them.Getting Rid of Roaches

Seeing one or two cockroaches is nothing to worry about. You can do some of these easy home remedies to kill them.

Use Mothballs

Using mothballs is the most effortless way to control pests at home. Its pungent smell can suffocate rats, bugs, and roaches. All you have to do is place them in areas prone to insect infestation like cabinets and drawers. But remember, mothballs are poisonous, so you may want to keep them away from children.

Buy Cockroach Baits

You can find varied types of roach baits in stores. Some come in a container; others are gel and liquid types. But they all work as poison. You got to mix it with food. Once the roach eats the poison and goes back to its hiding place, it’ll eventually kill the others.


If you want a more natural remedy, you can use lemons. It has anti-pathogens that repel insects and pests. You can add lemon to the water for wiping the countertops, table, and mopping floors.

Soap Solution

Is this the first time you’ve seen a cockroach at home, and you don’t have mothballs, lemon, insecticides, and whatnot? You can mix a soap solution out of dishwashing or detergent as an alternative. Spray your solution directly to the roach to clog its pores and leave it gasping for air.

Contact a Local Exterminator

For more serious roach infestation cases, consider asking for help from professionals. Before these little crawly creatures cause massive damages and problems, you must eliminate every single one of them. Exterminators have all the equipment, facilities, and knowledge to kill roaches.

Precautionary Measures

If you haven’t seen one pest at home yet, it means you are doing an awesome job. Here are some additional tips that’ll surely get them off your back.

Cleaning your home is the best way to keep not just the roaches but all pests away. You have to regularly throw your garbage, keep food in sealed and secure containers, wipe tables, and mop floors. It’s best to do it daily.

You may also want to make sure they are not just hiding. Keep it a habit to check your cabinets, cupboards, bathroom sink, closets, and all other dark corners of your home. While at it, you can spray disinfectant so it won’t lure insects.

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