What Type Of Professional Termite Treatment Is Recommended For Long-Term Protection?

If you have noticed signs of termite infestations, then it is important to have the issue resolved as soon as possible. If left untreated, the damage can cost thousands of dollars. This is why it is a good idea to have a professional perform a thorough inspection of your property before you decide on a treatment plan. The first step is to find out what kind of termite infestation you have and the best approach to removing it. 

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There are several types of termite treatments. The most common are soil treatments and chemical barriers. These methods create a chemical barrier that prevents termites from feeding on your wood. They are often used in combination with each other. 

Another effective method of termite control is baiting. Baits are a form of poison-filled traps placed around the perimeter of your home. Termites ingest the baits and carry them back to their colony. However, this process is time-consuming and requires periodic re-treatments. 

Some of the most popular termite pesticides include boric acid and Fipronil. Boric acid is less toxic to humans than Fipronil. It targets the nervous system of insects and binds to the nerve receptors. 

Other options include foam and liquid treatments. Foam is usually a more effective way to deal with termites than chemical barriers. It has a consistency similar to shaving cream. It is applied to any part of the home that you suspect might be infested by termites. Liquid termiticides can also be applied to the woodwork of your home. 

Depending on the size of your home and the number of termites you have, the cost of your treatment will vary. Larger homes require more materials and may need more intensive treatment. For example, a 1,000-square-foot apartment with no sign of termite activity will require less treatment than a large, infested home. 

Using the right termite treatment will not only get rid of the problem, but it will also prevent future infestations from occurring. Termite control professionals are trained to use the most efficient and safest techniques to eliminate an infestation. As a result, your family and pets will be safe. You can even find termite-specific products at hardware stores that recommend that you have a professional conduct a termite inspection. 

Having a termite inspection performed by a qualified professional can save you a lot of headaches. Professional inspectors typically have infrared thermometers and moisture detectors to help them identify any infestations. Additionally, they can provide professional advice on how to address your specific situation and recommend a treatment plan that will keep your home free from termites for years to come. 

When choosing a professional to treat your termite problem, it is a good idea to ask questions about the company’s warranties and guarantees. Those guarantees will differ depending on the type of service you receive and the level of coverage. In addition, you may want to request a quote or estimate for the total amount of money it will take to have the pest problem eliminated.