When Is Termite Treatment Required? 

If you’re considering purchasing a home, you should know about termite treatment requirements before making a decision. This will ensure you avoid costly repairs or paying a huge amount of money to fix the damage later on down the road. 

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If You’re Buying a New Construction: 

It is recommended that any new homes or commercial buildings be treated during the construction process for termite prevention. This can be done through standard pre-construction subterranean termite treatment before the slab is poured, or other more elaborate techniques can be applied as well. These methods can prevent termites from gaining access to the wood in your new home or building, helping to protect you against future damage and costly repairs. 

During the construction of your home, it is important to have a termite barrier created between the soil and the concrete floor. This chemical treatment will stop subterranean termites from gaining entry to the wood of your new house and help prevent any damage that may occur in the future. 

Before You Can Buy a Home: 

If you’re looking to purchase a home, you should ask the seller if they have ever had termite treatment in the past. Often, sellers will provide this information in the residential seller’s property disclosure statement (SPDS). 

You may also want to talk to your real estate agent about whether or not you should get a termite inspection prior to closing on the home. This is often a requirement of the VA home loan program and can be a great way to ensure you’re getting a termite-free house when you buy it! 

It’s also a good idea to remove any wood from your home that could be considered a food source for termites. This can include lumber, fences, and decking that is stored close to your home. 

The best time to eliminate a termite problem is before it occurs, but that’s not always possible. Sometimes, termites are already present when a buyer enters the home and will have to be treated by a professional pest control company. 

Termites are very elusive, and it can be hard to detect an infestation without professional help. One indication that you’re dealing with termites is the presence of mud tubes, which are little tunnels made by the insects to eat the wood inside your home. These mud tubes are often found hidden inside walls, under floors, behind baseboards, and underneath your house’s foundation. 

Other signs that you might have a termite problem are holes in your home’s siding or windows, peeling paint, damaged shingles, and visible termite colonies. If you see any of these symptoms, call a professional pest control expert right away so they can help determine the cause and a proper course of action. 

Your Local Licensed Pest Control Experts: 

After a thorough inspection, a termite specialist will be able to identify the type(s) of termites present and determine the most effective course of action to treat the infestation. A termite control expert will then use a variety of treatments to combat the termite problem.