When to Apply Termite Treatment Concrete 

If you are considering building a home, you will want to take steps to prevent termite infestation. Termites are extremely destructive pests that can harm homes and property. It is best to get a professional to inspect your home for any sign of termite infestation. A termite treatment can help prevent these pests from causing extensive damage to the structure. 

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There are several different types of termite treatments that you can choose from. The most common type is soil treatment. This type of treatment is often used when a new home is being built or for renovations to a home. In this type of treatment, termite soil pre-treats are applied to the ground. They provide a continuous barrier of chemical treatment over the entire surface of the soil, creating a protective barrier. 

The application of termite soil pre-treatment is usually performed before the concrete slab is poured. The procedure is typically performed by a professional pest control company. You will need to schedule this treatment in advance. Your contractor may be able to recommend a company that performs this type of treatment. 

Depending on the size of your home and your infestation, the cost of treating your home may range from $500 to $2,000. When you are planning a new home or renovation, it is best to work with a termite professional to ensure the safety of your property. Homeowners should also wear protective clothing and gloves when applying products. Also, ensure that there is proper ventilation in your crawl space. These areas should be cleared of debris. Having adequate ground clearance is important for both ventilation and future inspections. 

Depending on the type of termite, a professional may be able to eliminate a colony in a matter of three months. For example, Termidor brand insecticide has a slow-acting, non-repellent formula that can eliminate termite colonies in a matter of three months. 

Another option for termite prevention is to use a metal “termite shield” between the foundation wall and sill plate. These metal receptacles can help to prevent termite invasions and make it easier to detect a termite problem. 

In addition to preventing termite infestations, termite treatments can also block entry points for these pests. If you have any doubts about whether or not you should install a metal “termite shield” to your home, you can always contact the Orkin branch office. Their representatives can help you determine the best way to treat your home and provide you with a pesticide product label. 

Another option is to use a treatment called Borate Treatment. This treatment is considered a green method. Because it involves the use of crushed granite, it is effective in reducing the possibility of termite infestations. 

Other ways to protect your home from termite damage include enclosing the exterior of your house with a plastic vapor barrier, installing metal “termite shields” in the crawl space, and caulking around plumbing penetrations and utility lines. Lastly, consider sealing cracks in the foundation of your home. Small cracks allow termites to sneak in, increasing the pressure on the foundation and creating further cracks.