Cockroaches always seem to make their appearance in the home, office, or your business. They are sometimes everywhere in the kitchen, attic, or bedroom, which makes you cringe at their sight. Getting rid of them can be quite a struggle for some people. However, using the best pest control can make that process a little less hassling, which this post will highlight. Here are six (6) pest controls that are best for cockroaches.

1. Cleaning your home

Cockroaches strive off food particles and water. Therefore, it is best to thoroughly clean your house by emptying the garbage bin every day and washing dishes afterward to keep cockroaches away from in and around your home space. Also, avoid having food particles lying around the home; this is the most crucial rule in cleaning your home. Cockroaches also love to mingle in clutter, so it is also best to remove unwanted items to prevent cockroach infestation.

2. Use insecticides

There are various insecticide sprays on the market that can be used to get rid of cockroaches. Spray insecticides at the common areas cockroaches are typically seen to ward them off or use them to spray them as they appear.

3. Glue traps

Place glue traps at the common areas cockroaches might be seen, such as the window, door, or minor cracks they may come through. Placing the traps in these areas will catch the roaches easily without much hassle.

4. Use sealants to close cracks

To completely prevent cockroaches or get rid of them, adhesives should be used to seal small cracks and openings they may enter through. Once the points of entry are closed and constantly checked, it will be almost impossible for them to gain entry and create havoc in your spaces.

5. Use boric acid as a bait placement

Mixing boric acid with flour and sugar into a dough and using it as bait to catch cockroaches is an effective pest control method. Once cockroaches eat that mixture, it will burn their inside, and they will be killed. The bait is also a great way to identify their hiding places and also be used to lead the roaches to glue traps.

6. Hire a pest control professional

There are times when home remedies, glue traps, and insecticides sprays are not enough to get rid of cockroaches. Once you have reached that point, it’s time to hire a professional to inspect your property and use their techniques to get rid of the cockroaches.

Cockroaches are the most common insect around the home and probably the most annoying insect, too, making some people cringe. But, even when you think you are doing everything right, they still make their way inside. However, implementing the best pest control methods in your spaces will help to get rid of them not only for a time but a good while. It is best to clean areas regularly by washing dishes and taking out the garbage. In addition, using insect sprays, glue traps, sealants to close cracks and openings, bait placement, and seeking professional help are great ways to get rid of the annoyance of cockroaches.

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