Shield Pest Defense – One-Time Pest Control in Missoula 

When you need Missoula pest control, you can trust Shield Pest Defense. Their Eco-friendly 9-step system is safe for both humans and pets. You can also enjoy a 90-day guarantee, meaning if you don’t see a reduction in the number of pests within 90 days, you can request a free service. Their Missoula service covers mosquitoes, rats, mice, bark beetles, and more.


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Eco-friendly pest control 

Shield Pest Defense is a Missoula pest control service that employs an Eco-friendly, 9-step comprehensive system that is safe for pets and humans. Shield also offers a 90-day guarantee and free service if you notice a pest problem. Shield offers pest control services for rodents, beetles, and mosquitoes, among others. To learn more, visit their website or call them at 406-538-4748. 

9-step eco-friendly process 

Shield Pest Defense is a Missoula pest control service that uses an Eco-friendly 9-step process. This system is safe for humans and pets and offers a 90-day guarantee. If you have a problem with a specific pest, Shield will come back and correct it for free. Shield provides pest control services for rodents, insects, mosquitoes, and bark beetles. 

Non-toxic options for rodent control 

Non-toxic options for rodent control can be effective in many situations. Exclusion and trapping are the first lines of defense against rodents and are safe for humans and pets. However, if you have to use rodenticides, make sure to follow the instructions on the label. You don’t want to endanger your family or pets by using a rodenticide in the wrong way, so make sure you read the label and follow the precautions. 

Cost of one-time pest control in Missoula 

The cost of one-time pest control in Missoula can vary depending on the type of service you need. Some companies specialize in a specific pest type, such as bed bugs. Check to see if the Missoula company you’re considering offers these specific services before hiring them. Also, be sure to check whether they offer treatment for mosquitoes. If you know that your home is infested with mosquitoes, you should hire a company specializing in mosquito extermination in Missoula. 

License requirements for pest control companies in Missoula 

Before hiring a Missoula pest control company, consider their license requirements. A license is needed to legally use pesticides. The best companies will be EPA-registered and fully insured. EPA-registered pest control companies have the necessary training and credentials to safely treat your home. The company should also be licensed with the state department of agriculture. You should also check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints or customer reviews. Also, check out their pesticide labels to find out what ingredients they use and how to use them. EPA-registered companies use pesticides that are registered with the state’s Department of Agriculture and/or EPA. Be sure to find out if they are insured.