Why Eco-Friendly Products Are Good?

When we think of sustainable products, we often associate them with lower quality, lower aesthetics, or higher prices. This can discourage consumers from choosing sustainable products. To combat these common negative associations, companies should focus on their positive attributes. Brands such as Tesla highlight their innovative designs, functional performance, and green credentials to persuade consumers to buy their products. They also focus on reducing energy consumption and plastic pollution and are less likely to be manufactured with harmful chemicals.


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Less plastic pollution 

By choosing environmentally friendly products, you are making an important difference to the world around you. While plastic is a great convenience, it is harmful to the environment and our health. It takes 400 to 1000 years to degrade in landfills. And yet, only 9% of the plastic waste produced is recycled. This means that more than half of it will just end up as garbage. We will be throwing away enough plastic this year to circle the Earth four times. 

Better for the environment 

When you buy eco-friendly products, you are helping to protect the planet from pollution. These products are typically made from recycled or easily recyclable materials and are usually made from natural materials such as bamboo, which are easy to replace and can be harvested with little harm to the environment. In addition to these natural materials, they usually contain less toxic chemicals and are produced in solar-powered facilities or buildings designed to use the least amount of water possible. 

Safer for consumers 

Many companies claim to have eco-friendly products and use packaging to promote their safest and greenest options. However, the law requires these claims to be true. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published Green Guides for businesses which explain how they must ensure they do so. Read these guides to ensure your company is making a safe and environmentally friendly claim on the packaging. There are many benefits to choosing eco-friendly products. In addition to protecting the environment, these products are safe for both you and your family. 

Reduced energy consumption 

The Eco-design Directive was introduced to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by energy-using products. A large number of environmentally friendly products are available in the Process Industry. For instance, Asco Numatics’ low-power version of Series 327 Ex-d solenoid valve is ideal for critical applications in the petrochemical and oil gas industries. This low-power solenoid valve uses a lower amount of energy than its conventional counterpart. 

Improved indoor environment 

In the quest for cost-effective buildings, improving the indoor environment is an important consideration. Healthy employees are more satisfied and more productive, which can save a business significant sums of money. Since salary expenses make up a large portion of operational costs, even small productivity gains can generate significant savings. Therefore, facilities should focus on improving the interior environment to reduce operational costs. Environmentally friendly products are an excellent way to achieve this.