Pests are a common problem for homeowners, but that doesn’t mean they have to be permanent. Depending on the type of pest, it can take some time to remove them from your property. The most common pests are roaches, ants, spiders, and mice. Each one has its own set of dangers that they present in your home-spider bites can lead to infection; mouse droppings are linked to asthma triggers; roach infestation leads to bacteria exposure which may cause heart disease or cancer risk. If these pests aren’t eliminated, they will continue reproducing until the population outweighs that of humans in the house!

How long do pest control treatments last?

It depends on the type of pest, but typically, weekly visits are needed until the problem is handled entirely. The most common pests respond to insecticides and other chemicals that will be sprayed around your home when a treatment is performed. Because a spray can only target the areas to which it’s directly applied, it’s essential to spread out your treatments over a while to reach every place where pests may live. The initial treatment will be the most effective as it will help kill off any current, active pests and prevent them from returning home. After that, you can expect less frequent visits as long as you do your part to keep your house free from new infestations. However, don’t expect pest control treatments to work long-term if you don’t commit to doing the same things on your end!

How long will it take for an infestation to get under control?

Depending on how fast a problem grows, it can take one or two visits to eliminate the pests completely. If you’ve recently had a new pest problem develop, be aware that it may be several weeks until it’s taken care of: there is no way to know precisely how long it will take for all the pests to be eliminated from your home.

However, in general, it takes around four visits before you can expect your problem under control!

If you think that a pest infestation has been going on for quite a while, you need to bear in mind that it may take several treatment cycles to eliminate them; every time the specialist comes, a few pests will be killed, but others will have had time to reproduce and take their place! This is why it’s important not to wait until an infestation becomes severe before you call in an extermination company. The more immediate you are about treating the problem, the better, the longer roaches or mice live in your house, the more risks you will run of getting sick!

How often should I have my home treated for pests?

Every week is a good treatment schedule for ant removal, roaches, and mice. Spiders are a bigger problem, as they hide inside your home rather than living directly in it. You will need to have the interior of your house inspected weekly due to this fact and because spiders can be more difficult to find than other pests. You should also have your house treated for spiders a few times during the year, rather than just once, to keep them at bay.


No matter what pests you have in your home, it is essential that you act quickly to remove them from your residence. Do not allow the infestation to get out of hand, or else you could find yourself raising a family with some rather undesirable roommates!

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